Monday, January 16, 2012


when they're drunk off liquor, i'm drunk off art.
they're spitting out vommit, i'm throwing up ideas.
& now i'm recovering from this creative hangover.
Thank God for the holiday because i am EXHAUSTED.

the difference when one lives to create, inspired, & be inspired.

so if you're wondering, last night's party consisted of...
solitude, pitch black darkness, a sound design observatory, Colombiana inspirations, listening to film scores, aggressive orchestral, pro tools tutorials, damaging my eyesight with this lack of light, "Undiscovered Desires" on repeat seventy-six times, a scramble of the storyboard visually streaming in my head, sketched & written blindly on paper. the next next fashion video. from 1:30am to 7:15am. and then i just fell asleep and woke up chicken scratch...wonderful ideas...& this sick feeling.

but at least i got all the juice out!

P.S. how do you cure a creative hangover?
sleep, i'm guessing?

the Creative Drunkard.

P.S.S. what do you see when you listen to this seventy six times?

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


i just realized how off my style can be.
it's never constant.
always underlying what is bold and edgy, but not paved into a certain fashion genre.

yesterday i woke up to an imaginary Japanese culture and today...i'm inspired by the mix of New York & LA.

i wonder what tomorrow will be :)