Friday, June 15, 2012

i can't believe

i made it alive this quarter. why is it that every quarter i am nearly..barely...on the inch of dying.
 what made this quarter so hard was because of modeling. all the shows, shoots, with elite, gary allen, and others. i was just bookin it by word of mouth. bad timing, but

i could not have done it without you God. i am so AMAZED. and STRUCK with your comfort, your strength, the hope. i could not have finished my after effects .

barely made it alive this quarter. and the thing is, i made it with NO BULLSHIT. well, just a little bit through photography. but my Coraline? my After Effects? the quality of both work. and my maya face...could have been a little bit better if i did the hair, but ah well =/ i was on After effects the whole time since i had literally NOTHING DONE the night before it was due. i held it off to the end because of all the shows and shoots and opportunities that came out of nowhere. gotta prep myself. meditate. work out. juice the opportunity. so i put the homework aside for a little bit and...yesterday....i came out with a bang.

i am blasting music, taking every moment of this joyful energy and rejoicing with a fucking SMILE!
you have no idea how much weight is lifted off my shoulders.

a 3.5 week break before i start school i nthe summer.
moving next week. just signed the papers & parking.

tonight. i believe i am going to Umami with michael :)
and to work i go.

this break. what break? okay at least i have a little weight lifted off my shoulders but whew. i got the Avant War to film. the underwater to film. and the showcase video to make.

lets do this break.