Sunday, October 30, 2011

Dangerously in Love

with Danger tape.

there's something about this tape that gets me so attached to it.
i swear, it's got some kind of magical spell that gives people an umph up in attitude and confidence.

or maybe we just have that special connection. yeah, a human and construction tape love going on.

Outfit of the Day.
i dress my to my mood. last night, i competed in a modeling contest against 12 other girls. i was a force to be reckon with and my mind was strong and ready to go. therefore, i was dangerous.
you get me? lol.

the danger feel was still leftover from last i felt like wearing this:

Thursday, October 13, 2011

twisted mind.

this does not feel like homework. I LOVE SCHOOL!

here's to my Photoshop Digital Media class, assignment #1:

took about 3 1/2 hours because i'm still not a master at Photoshop. i actually wanted to tweak it a bit more, but i for some odd reason, i kept getting a "Could not use move tool because the target channel is hidden." that means i should leave it as it is and get some rest for tomorrow's big day.

LA Fashion week. Project Ethos. early train departure.
i refused to sleep until i finish my vision.

to be honest, i'm a little nervous for tomorrow's critiquing. oh wait, that's going to have to be postponed until next week since i'm skipping tomorrow's class for the show. =/

but in the upside...
vision complete! :)

Sunday, October 2, 2011

see what i see.

feel what i feel.

play this on repeat:

silence the video's volume below. & watch this on fullscreen:

lights out. doors closed. solitude.
lay flat on the floor. hands under your head.

enjoy the art.

watch. feel. imagine. dream.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sucker Punch Fashion Video

reality is a prison. imagination is your escape. an escape to whatever is holding you back. & the power is within YOU - the power of the mind.

i wanted this to break away from traditional Youtube fashion videos consisting of outfits showcased in full-body fashion with short clips and voice overs. i wanted this to speak and tell a story as the the movie, Sucker Punch, spoke to me, that imagination IS your escape. & the power is within YOU. well, my reality isn't as harsh as a prison, locked up in chains & all, but at times when i am in need of a way out from all the darkness trying to take over me, i run to the light, i pray to God, and turn to my outlet - my imagination. art has that kind of connection and i wanted to make my next fashion video to present that. because personally, imagination IS my escape from my earthly distractions. and to have a deep connection to this film is what made me pursue a virtual fashion video in Sucker Punch kick-ass style!

Rischae, those outfits are so coooool! where did you get them?!?

Outfit #1

top: my auntie's closet
bottom: black leggings from Forever 21; colorful tights from Planet Funk
shoes: Urban Outfitters
accessories: Metro Park

Outfit #2

boots: Steve Madden at Nordstroms
accessories: Forever 21

Outfit #3

top: army bandeau bra at Hot Topic
bottom: wing pants at
cheetah accessory:

Outfit #4:

shredded long dress:
vintage boots: Urban Outfitters

Outfit #5:

one piece monokini:
shorts: Forever 21
vintage boots: Urban Outfitters
arm accessory: a DIY from Joanns fabric store

lastly, tell me what you think after watching this virtual fashion show extravaganza. i really do want to hear your opinion, good or bad. so leave me a comment, rate it, like/dislike, you know the drill ;)


Saturday, September 17, 2011


to finish editing the final day of shooting in due time.

there's SO much more to be done. little tweaks here and there.

the whole thing has got to meet my own terms of perfection.

& it's going to take more than a day.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

last day...

in this makeup.

tomorrow, NO MOOOOOORE!!!!!!!

filming the last 10 shots of my sucker punch fashion video coming out tomorrow night!

YOU HAVE NO IDEA how EXHAUSTED i am. this video has been dragging me down alllll summmmmmer. two sleepless nights full of nothing but editing. and a 3o minute eating break after a 4 hour non-stop editing streak.

hooooooly. exposed to too much radiation lately. but atleast i'm almoooost there!


Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Dear John Galliano,


am i right or am i right?
i am so inspired right now. no words can express the feeling of this burning inspiration i've got going. i'm casting ideas just after watching this show of sensuality & i cannot wait to brainstorm the rest of this thing i got going in my head! i should've caught this earlier...but i'm catching up on my runway shenanigans.

here's two other of his masterpieces:

no one does fashion shows like John Galliano.
okay...Alexander McQueen, JCDC, Viktor & Rolf, Chanel, & Christian Dior are cool too, BUT JOHN GALLIANO FREAKIN SQUIRTS THE LIVING JIZZ OUT OF ME!


okay. you've read enough.
must. sleep. & dream of walking in one of his shows...& also dream of bringing my imagination into virtual fashion shows inspired by the one and only.

Fashion Night Out

with my girls.

the outfit:

delicacy with a rough edge.

a closer look.

pastel pink dress from Forever 21.
victorian boots from Urban Outfitters.

the night:

cupcakes @Sephora from Makeup Forever...delicious!

hello kitty shaped out of cans...awesome.

dresses made out of paper, cards, & stationary items.

talking to a model. dress made out of paper.
FUTURE WEDDING DRESS? ;) i think so.

wait. i forgot i'm not getting married...BAHAHAH.

stop @Godiva chocolate! free red velvet truffles? HELL YEAH!

the night ended with the traditional thai food late dinner. too bad there's no picture. we were too damn focused on the food. SO GOOD.

a great reunion well spent with the girls that met by fate.

until next time!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

the process...

of bringing my imagination to life. it's a love hate relationship with after effects.
right now, we're furious. a VERY time consuming process.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

so in love

with John Galliano.

i was never into menswear until i discovered THIS.

MY MIND IS GOING ASJDSKRAAZEEEEEE. HOOOOOOOLY. the look, theme, music, the model's and their act, production lights, snow, feel, the show, EVERYTHING. i cannot..believe..i JUST discovered his awesomeness. okay, aside from Alexander McQueen, he takes Runway King/Queen First Runner Up in my book. :)

damn, i know he's an ass for blurting those anti-semitic remarks about jews, but i agree with Italian Vogue editor in chief...Christian Dior is a pity without John Galliano.

P.S...the pianist makes me want to start playing again. :/ hmph.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

out in the wild.




aaaannnnnd for funzies:

-monokini from victoria secret
-sliced pleather from the fabric store
-shoes from outer space

photography by hoang vu.
makeup by carissa harper.


unleash the creature within.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Outfit of the Day - not so basic...


i opened my closet doors in an attempt to find a quick, basic outfit to run an errand at Joanns. here goes the downright truth of my thoughts. hahah

i had “basic” in my mind, so i threw on a super casual tank-dress and jean shorts. i figured that since it’s the summer, might as well wear a bikini top regardless if i’m going to the beach or not. i first wore it inside the dress, and thought, “eh, it’s cool. but HEY! who wears bathing suit tops outside their clothes…to local stores?!? …*she tries it on* ….IIIIIIII LIIIIIIIIKE IT!!!!” no seriously, i dig the look, but you’re probably thinking it’s too print-y with the cheetah and stripes overlapping each other… or maybe you think it’s just plain ugly hahah. but wait…something’s still missing. where’s that tulle!!! gotta have my tulle on. i swear, it’s my personal trend for the “season,” or the time being until i get tired of it. OH! can’t forget that other personal trend - Danger bands. aww yeeeah, industrial tape bought from Home Depot and taped together as an accessory. you have NO idea how powerful those bad boys are. as cheesy as it sounds, wearing danger bands give me a boost. they seriously DO boost my confidence and make me feel stronger. and dangerous, perhaps. got that old oversized bow on my head, nothing new. i should discard that thing; it’s getting old. bangles, those rusty-smelling, cheapos from Forever 21. is it me or does all their jewelry smell funky? and finally, the shoes. awww yeeeeeeeah. THE SHOES. whaaaaat….the fuuuueeeeee. i know. it’s NOT as bad as it looks. they feel normal…as in supportive. and i don’t feel like i’m going to fall back when i walk. i guess all the weight is on one side of the shoe making that side overpowering…so that the back heel isn’t necessary. like a seesaw shifted all to one side…maybe?…possibly? i don’t know.

damn i forgot how much i disliked talking about fashion. then why do i have a fashion blog if i don't like explaining my creative process? it's complicated. i need it for my future career...& for my own personal references. and it WILL benefit me once i get the handle of tumblr and set an organized layout to present it all. that's all still in progress...and it's bugging the hell out of me. damn you OCD.ANYWAYS... wait, i should simplify this to less talking and a simple down-to-the-point explanation of what i wore that day instead of rambling...but HEY! this is the first fashion blog entry evarrrr sooo i could be totally unprofessional just once until i get the organized plan right ;)

so yeah, back to the point, i’m going to joanns to buy more black tulle and a yard of costume pleather…in something i tried to make "basic" but my mind’s creativity pushed against it. i just can't leave the house without that full satisfaction in my does reflect a part of my mood for the day. and most of the time, it gives me an energy booster. if something’s missing, if ONE of those pieces weren’t worn, i’d feel almost naked. it would bug the hell out of me and i would think about that missing piece sporadically throughout the whole day as if someone went a day without their panties on...wouldn't that bug the hell out of you? wait...some people purposely don't wear any i guess we're not on the same boat.

anyways, this is not what i planned to wear to joanns, but this is something my imagination pushed through. maybe my imagination can’t produce the societal term of basic? i’m cool with that :) because this IS ME. okay, enough with the word “basic” now.

the question is - should i wear this out today? to run freakin errands at local shopping stores? Joanns…Walmart…Petsmart…etc. REALLY RISCHAE? well, it IS casual. the world says it's unnecessary for a little errand run. it’s creative. it obviously represents me. but it’s not “normal.” and i'm kinda lazy to change into something else when i'm already dressed. is this appropriate? it’s entirely not good enough for a fashion photo shoot. see, my mind is going through battle in it's little creative-fashion corner.*sigh*

conclusion? screw society. it's my personal style.
therefore, off to Joanns.


man, i really need to simplify this.

*note to self:

-buy more red tulle to over-emphasize the side tail (make it puff).
-get it right on photoshop. that right elbow on the right side is too bright.
-shave my legs.
-no more rambling on fashion blog entries. make it straightforward and brief.