Thursday, February 2, 2012

Start a Trend


guys can pull off their boxers bulging out of their pants, but for a girl, it's considered embarrassing and trashy. that's just how society works. some days, i just wake up wanting to wear certain panties & show them off vividly as a fashion accessory because they individually have this special vibe to it. usually a blissful, care-free, & quirky feel. sometimes i let my VS Pink lace pantie pop out of my shorts for a reason. but today, i wanted this bad boy to shine.

so here we are, the Outfit of the Day:

beware, those panties leave a trail of gold glitter everywhere your booty goes.

and here's to a different approach. started by an accidental push of a keyboard button and ended with:

i kinda like this graphic approach. power to the paint bucket & art history brush tools.

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