Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sucker Punch Fashion Video

reality is a prison. imagination is your escape. an escape to whatever is holding you back. & the power is within YOU - the power of the mind.

i wanted this to break away from traditional Youtube fashion videos consisting of outfits showcased in full-body fashion with short clips and voice overs. i wanted this to speak and tell a story as the the movie, Sucker Punch, spoke to me, that imagination IS your escape. & the power is within YOU. well, my reality isn't as harsh as a prison, locked up in chains & all, but at times when i am in need of a way out from all the darkness trying to take over me, i run to the light, i pray to God, and turn to my outlet - my imagination. art has that kind of connection and i wanted to make my next fashion video to present that. because personally, imagination IS my escape from my earthly distractions. and to have a deep connection to this film is what made me pursue a virtual fashion video in Sucker Punch kick-ass style!

Rischae, those outfits are so coooool! where did you get them?!?

Outfit #1

top: my auntie's closet
bottom: black leggings from Forever 21; colorful tights from Planet Funk
shoes: Urban Outfitters
accessories: Metro Park

Outfit #2

boots: Steve Madden at Nordstroms
accessories: Forever 21

Outfit #3

top: army bandeau bra at Hot Topic
bottom: wing pants at
cheetah accessory:

Outfit #4:

shredded long dress:
vintage boots: Urban Outfitters

Outfit #5:

one piece monokini:
shorts: Forever 21
vintage boots: Urban Outfitters
arm accessory: a DIY from Joanns fabric store

lastly, tell me what you think after watching this virtual fashion show extravaganza. i really do want to hear your opinion, good or bad. so leave me a comment, rate it, like/dislike, you know the drill ;)


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