Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Fashion Night Out

with my girls.

the outfit:

delicacy with a rough edge.

a closer look.

pastel pink dress from Forever 21.
victorian boots from Urban Outfitters.

the night:

cupcakes @Sephora from Makeup Forever...delicious!

hello kitty shaped out of cans...awesome.

dresses made out of paper, cards, & stationary items.

talking to a model. dress made out of paper.
FUTURE WEDDING DRESS? ;) i think so.

wait. i forgot i'm not getting married...BAHAHAH.

stop @Godiva chocolate! free red velvet truffles? HELL YEAH!

the night ended with the traditional thai food late dinner. too bad there's no picture. we were too damn focused on the food. SO GOOD.

a great reunion well spent with the girls that met by fate.

until next time!

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